Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Review: Beautiful Star of Bethlehem by Lori Copeland

Is Christmas really so close that it’s time to start reading your holiday novels?  I hate to tell you, but it is.  Beautiful Star of Bethlehem by Lori Copeland is a great one to read first.  It’s actually a novella, so it’s a pretty short readI read it a couple hoursbut it’s a great story. 

In the book’s opening chapter, Arlene Santana and her husband, Jack, are taking off in their brand new plane from Vermont for a visit to their new granddaughter in Atlanta.  On the way they hit an ice storm, and their plane goes down.  The second chapter begins nearly a year later when Arlene is transferred from the hospital to a long-term care facility.  The book takes snippets from her life over the next four or five years, mostly focusing on the holidays.  Arlene has amnesia, and doesn’t recognize any of her family members, and sometimes doesn’t recognize herself.  But she makes a few friends in her new home, and relates some heartbreaking and hilarious events that occur during her time there. 

I think Ms. Copeland does a wonderful job of portraying how a person with amnesia might feel placed in a new environment where they don’t recognize anyone.  Since Arlene doesn’t remember or understand many of the things that happen around her, the reader has to read between the lines, and sometimes draw your own conclusions about what happened.  Several times members of her family come to visit her, and ask for her advice, but since she doesn’t remember their visits, we can only wait to see what happens in their lives the next time they come.

Don’t think that this book is too sad to read at Christmas time.  I will admit to you that I shed a few tears in the first chapter, but it gets better after that!  It’s a sweet, heartwarming novel, and a totally unique apporach.  I may have gotten a little teary-eyed at the ending, too, but those were happy tears.  This book deserves a place on your shelf, and is a great way to begin your holiday reading this year.  I highly recommend it!

Happy Reading!



I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own, and a favorable review was not required.  Look for Beautiful Star of Bethlehem on or around October 1.   

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