Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Book Review: Kiss the Bride

It’s a little tricky to review a set of novellas, since you may like one book and not like another one.  That’s how I felt about Kiss the Bride.  I enjoyed two of the novellas, but one of them was a disappointment to me.  These books are a continuation of the year of Weddings series, and include three summer wedding stories. 

Picture Perfect Love  by Melissa McClone was a pretty good book, if a little unbelievable.  Jenna Harrison’s fiancé, Ash, left her at the altar because he believed she told him a lie.  When Ash’s younger sister gets married, she wants Jenna to take the pictures, and only then does she tell her brother that she knew the truth all along.  Ash and Jenna decide to work to rebuild their relationship, but what will happen when Ash is faced with the same situation again?  This is the part where it became a little unbelievable for me.  I can understand Jenna forgiving Ash the first time, but probably not the second.  Overall, though, I did like this book.

I Hope You Dance by Robin Lee Hatcher was my least favorite book here.  That really surprised me, because I’ve liked several of her novels before.  However, the story of Skye and Grant wasn’t one for me.  Skye has dreamed her whole life of a big family, but so far she just hasn’t met the right man.  When she’s asked to teach Grant private dance lessons, they fall for one another right away and are engaged in a very short time.  She’s so excited because Grant is from a large family, so she assumes he’ll also want a lot of kids.  But Grant has always resented his large family, and wants no children.  Can they come to a compromise, or will they give up on love?  This story just seemed to happen so fast for me.  I didn’t think the characters were well-developed, and I didn’t really like them at all.

The last novella, Love on a Deadline is one that I’ve read and reviewed before, and I did like it.  Mac is writing a newspaper article about the wedding of her old nemesis, Hollis.  She keeps getting thrown together with Hollis’ older brother, Ethan, who was her first crush.  Maybe this time around it can be more than a crush

Kiss the Bride is a nice summer read that I recommend for long car trips, or sitting on the beach (or by the kiddy pool!).  I think it’s one you’ll enjoy.

Happy Reading!


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own and a favorable review was not required.  Kiss the Bride is on sale now.

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