Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Book Review: A Heart's Promise by Colleen Coble

Well, it’s book five in this seemingly never-ending series.  I actually thought this one was the last, so I was surprised when I came to end and there was still no real conclusion.  This book, more than any of the others, seems incomplete.  Emmie Croftner has settled into life at the fort.  Her, Sarah and Amelia are all expecting babies very soon.  She makes Amelia a promise that she will marry Jacob and take care of their baby if anything should happen to Amelia.  But Isaac Liddle is determined to win Emmie’s heart.  The  beautiful Jessica DuBois  has returned, bitter that Rand chose Sarah over her, and determined that Isaac will not make the same mistake. 

All of these books have been a bit annoying to me, but this one is the worst.  I can’t even figure out its place in the series.  I feel like the story really could have brought to a close here.  The dialogue continues to be cheesy and the characters strange.  The stories are not bad, just poorly written.  For some reason, though, I find that I cannot give up this series until I find out what will happen to Emmie, Isaac, Rand, Sarah, Amelia and Jacob in the end.   

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