Thursday, April 9, 2015

Book Review: The No More Excuses Diet by Maria Kang

I generally hate diet books, so I rarely read them.  They all seem to be a variation of the same thing.  Eat this, don't eat that, and you'll lose X amount of weight in X amount of days.  Then they give you the meal plan and recipes.  So what happens when lunch on Day 2 of said meal plan includes something that you don't like, or your family won't eat?  How can you justify spending double the grocery money on food that only one person will eat?  Or more likely won't eat because (if you're like me) you'll get tired of planning meals from someone else's list, and give it up altogether.  Then there are the diet plans that teach you how to make substitutes to your favorite foods so that they taste almost the same!  That's just not for me either.
When I read the Maria Kang's No More Excuses Diet offers "3 days to bust any excuse, 3 weeks to easy new eating habits and 3 months to total transformation,"  I was intrigued, but skeptical.  I was inspired by the fact that Maria has three young children, but somehow is thin, trim and healthy, so I decided to give it a try.  This book and diet plan are amazing!  So doable for anyone, even busy moms!  The 3 Days/3 Weeks/3 Months plan that is touted on the front, isn't just rhetoric.  It's a solid plan to help you overcome the excuses that are holding you back from getting the body that you want.  Maria's own story is so inspiring.  She doesn't come from a family who are all skinny, and she's struggled with weight-gain and yo-yo dieting herself.  It's so encouraging to read a true story of someone who's been there and had some of the same struggles as me.  I especially love that she's a mom, and was always told that she'd never be skinny after having children.  She's proved that you really can, if you're willing to do the work. 
This program doesn't promise fast, easy results, but if you follow the plan, you will see results!  The best part for me is that Maria doesn't tell you what you should eat.  She tells you how to figure up the amount of calories your body needs every day, and gives you the basis for a plan she calls 30/30/30/10.  The choice of what foods you eat is totally up to you.  Maria does push exercise, but not certain workout routine.  You can choose whatever workout plan you want, as long as it's 30-40 minutes, 3-4 times a week or more, and as long as you mix cardio, strength and flexibility training.  If you don't have a plan already in mind, she gives example plans, and lots of pictures and instructions to help you on the way.
I can't say enough good things about this book.  I feel like it contains the keys that I've been looking for.  It's more than just a diet.  It's a plan to make lifestyle changes for the long haul.  It's methods to help you shed bad habits, start new, better ones, and keep them for good.  There are timelines, rewards and even splurge meals included in this plan, all which make maintaining your weight loss and healthy lifestyle easier.  Some of these principles are ones I'm already using, but Maria has put a name to them, and put them together in a workable plan.  Anyone who is dedicated can lose weight if they follow this plan.  Also, this is the first diet book I've read that tells you how to del with failure.  Let's face it, none of us can be perfect all the time.  Maria gives you the tools to deal with mistakes and bad days, dust yourself off and start again tomorrow with no shame and guilt.  I think that's pretty great!

Happy Reading (and dieting!)

I received a copy of this book to review through the Blogging for Books program.  All opinions are my own, and a favorable review was not required.  The No More Excuses Diet is on sale now.                                     

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