Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Book Review: A May Bride by Meg Moseley

I have so enjoyed Zondervan's A Year of Weddings series!  The best part of reading and reviewing these novellas has been finding new authors that I haven't read before.  I think some of them will become favorites of mine in the future.  Meg Moseley is no exception.  I know I say this about almost every wedding book, but I mean it every time...A May Bride might be my favorite wedding story so far!
Unlike the other Wedding books, this one is told in the first person.  I first thought this might make it less interesting, since I couldn't read it from multiple angles.  As it turned out, though, the first person voice didn't effect the story in a negative way, but, instead, made it more personable.
The narrator is Ellie Martin.  She has been watching a handsome man in cowboy boots at her favorite coffee shop in Atlanta, Georgia, every day for several months.  Then, suddenly, she meets him in a very strange, unexpected place.  She accepts his request for a date, and in spite of her mother's warnings about fast, city men, finds herself falling for him.  Gray Whitby is a charming engineer, who was raised in the city, but always dreamed of living in the country, thus the constant cowboy boots.  The only problem in their new little romance is Ellie's mother.  Her husband left her years ago with two small children, and she's been bitter towards all men ever since.  Gray must convince Ellie that she has to stand up her mother before the two of them can have a chance at a happy future.  This is hard for Ellie to do, and when she does try to stand up to her mom, her hasty actions may destroy everything anyways...
Ellie's character was just right in this story.  Her thoughts and feelings about Gray, marriage, her mother, her job and her sister were all so spot-on.  It was so cute to read about her falling in love and dreaming about a wedding before she even knew Gray's feelings.  It just seemed genuine--like something a young woman would really do.  Gray was kind, sweet and spontaneous.  I loved how he wanted Ellie to stand up for herself, but I wished he would have stepped in and took on her mother himself!
After reading A May Bride I am really looking forward to reading books by Meg Moseley in the future.  Her style is light and fun and she makes you want to finish just one more chapter...until you've finished the whole book!  Even if you haven't read the other Year of Weddings series, you need to read this one! It's not a long read, and it will put you in a happy, springtime mood!
Check back at the end of May for my review of A June Bride, the next book in the Year of Weddings series and check out my reviews the first five books in the series, too!

Happy Reading!!

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own.

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