Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Book Review: Everyday Confetti by Karen Ehman and Glynnis Whitwer

If you've ever looked for a way to make a day special, look no further!  Everyday Confetti has an idea for any holiday you can imagine, make up or dream about.  It is full of little ways to make every day a little more like a holiday, but also ways to make "important" holidays even more special.  It has ideas for family birthdays, religious holidays, seasonal changes and more.  Also included are recipes to go along with most of the celebrations.  Some recipes include heart-shaped cinnamon rolls for Valentine's Day, Oatmeal Pancakes for St. Patrick's Day and a birthday cake made with mayonnaise (yes, you read that right!)  Everyday Confetti also contains personal stories--not only from the authors, but other women, too--as well as little anecdotes and inspirational Bible verses.  These ladies have found a way to include Christ in every holiday!  Even though I was reading on my Kindle, I found myself highlighting recipes and bookmarking pages with things I want to try.
Obviously every idea won't work for every person, and we don't all celebrate the same holidays, but it is worth taking the time to read it to find the ones that you can use for your family.  I do recommend that you buy this book in print form rather than an e-book.  Trust me, you will want to write notes, turn down corners and generally just mark this book up!  You'll want to be able to flip through it quickly to find what you're looking for.  While you can highlight and make notes with most e-readers, I think having a print book makes it easier to find what you want in a hurry. 
This book is a great example of how a little time and planning can fill every day with a little confetti.  It's perfect for moms with small children, teenagers, college age kids and adults.  There is truly something for everybody here.  I plan to refer to it many times in the future! 

Happy Reading!

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own.  

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