Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Her future looks...busy

Well, I've officially been a"homemaker" for three days now, but you'd never know it by the hours I keep! This week has been absolutely crazy! I've been up early and working in the kitchen at my church and attending services morning and evening, staying sometimes until 11:00 pm. We had our annual Spring Mini-Campmeeting. It's always full of a lot of work, but a lot of blessings and good times, too. While I'm not necessarily glad that it's over, I am looking forward to a day tomorrow of having nowhere to go and nothing really important to do. If it doesn't rain, I'm hoping to get my vehicle cleaned up so I can stop being embarrassed to have people get too close since they might see all the junk that's piled inside there! How can a person accumulate so much stuff in one small SUV? So even though I have this one practical task tomorrow, my mind is absolutely swirling with projects that I'll finally have time to start...and hopefully finish! I'm also hoping to go through my fabric tote and pull out some projects that have been laying around for a long time and see about completing them. One in particular is a wall hanging that I cut all the pieces out for a few years ago from some scraps I had. I don't think I ever started sewing them together at all. If I can find all of the pieces, I want to finish it because it will look great on my new red living room walls! The BIG OUTDOOR PROJECT is about to get underway too. If all goes well, we'll soon have a small patio, chiminea, patio set (in a lovely turquoise shade) and a pool in our backyard. Not to mention the little garden that I'm hoping to plant this weekend or early next week. Although I felt a little melancholy on Thursday and Friday, I'm so excited about what to do next. I've scoured Pinterest (my new obsession) and a ton of crafting and sewing blogs to find things that I want to try. I love crafts of all types...sewing, quilting, crochet, embroidery, etc...but I have a very short attention span and if it takes a long time, or I get myself in a bind, I'm bad to put it aside and it never gets finished (see previous paragraph about unfinished wall hanging). Stay tuned to see how my upcoming DIY projects turn out! And feel free to drop me a little word of encouragement along the way too! Projects on my DIY list: *a clutch purse *laundry detergent *hand soap *a few summer tops *a few summer skirts *quilt for my bed Am I a little too ambitious? Maybe. But this is only the beginning! Lynz

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