Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sewing Room

     My new house has a superfluous room.  It's in a weird place beside the kitchen and would make a great dining room actually, if the kitchen wasn't already huge and we needed the extra space.  Anyways, when we first moved in we put our old couch in it, and couple months later the piano.  It has a nice floor, and two windows.  We've been trying for a while now to return our couch to the store where we bought it because it broke.  Finally, they came and got it on Thursday.  Sooooo, now I have my very own sewing/craft room!  I'm so excited.  I feel like I'm constantly inspired to do a project, but it takes so long to get out my machine, fabric, sewing box, tools, etc. and then set them up.  Plus, when its time to go to bed I have to try put it all away again.  For this reason, sometimes I just don't start at all.  Last night when I got home from work I starting getting it ready.  It looks awesome!  However, there is one thing still missing...a desk.  I know that it's strange to have a sewing room with no sewing table, but I'm working on it.  As a person who has generally had enough money for most of my life to just buy something when I want it, I'm trying really hard to learn to be patient and wait for things and (the most difficult part for me!) try to shop around for a good deal!  So, look out world!  Hopefully I'll be cranking out hand-sewn items...soon!
     I have a few other projects that I'll hopefully be posting about soon, too.  We're planning some outdoor as well as indoor projects probably starting around the middle of May.  Our challenge is to find budget-friendly ways to do it ourselves.  Thankfully I'm married to an extremely smart and talented jack-of-all trades.  I'm convinced that that man can do ANYTHING!!!  Look for updates on these projects:

*paint front door
*build a patio and pergola behind the house
*plant a small vegetable garden
*paint our new/old outdoor furniture
*sew some couch and bedroom pillows
*make a runner for the kitchen table

     And since my brain is always churning with new ideas, I'll be adding to the list!



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