Thursday, April 7, 2016

Custom Quilts at Little Blue Machine

I have been wanting to offer custom quilts in my Etsy shop for a while now, but I just wasn't sure how to go about it.  I'm so happy to announce that they are finally here!  I think that every baby deserves a special quilt made just for them, but let's face it, buying and even making a homemade quilt can be really expensive.  So I needed a way to be able to make custom quilts that wouldn't break the bank--for me or the people buying them!  In my research I stumbled upon a few patterns that come together quickly, don't cost an arm and a leg to make and can be easily changed up a little to fit the tastes and styles of many different people.  I currently offer three different custom quilt styles in my shop, and plan to add more over the next few weeks. 
My favorite thing about making baby quilts is the size.  When I made my son his first quilt before he was born, I made it to lay pretty evenly over his crib mattress.  As he got a little older, I discovered that this was a bit to big.  He wanted something drag around the house with him, and I wanted something separate from the one he slept on at night, since it usually gets dirty during the dragging time!  I think the perfect size for a baby quilt is around 36 inches square, although I do have some little bigger and a little large in my shop.  To me, that is the perfect size for dragging, for loading in the car or stroller, or for tummy time for little babies.  Even though Jaxon is 2 1/2 now, he still carries it everywhere, and it's invaluable on long road trips when he goes straight in the car in his pajamas!
Herringbone baby quilt
Herringbone Baby Quilt

The first of my three quilts is a two-color herringbone pattern.  I love this pattern so much!  It's simple and straightforward.  While I love it in simple solids, it would be pretty in so many different patterns, too.  The example quilt that's for sale currently is gender neutral with soft green fabric on the front and a thin yellow stripe print on the back.  It's bound with a steel-gray solid, which is one of my favorite shades for binding.
Zig Zag Baby Quilt
Zigzag Baby Quilt
The second quilt is a zigzag or chevron pattern.  As the mom of one boy, and another boy on the way, I don't get to sew with pink much, so I decided to make my example quilt in girly colors for this one.  While I love the pink on the front, the polka dot backing makes me drool, and the green binding with pink berries is the perfect finish.  I have to say, this one will be hard to let go!

Custom Baby Quilt, Swoon Quilt, Stroller Quilt, Wall Quilt
Custom Swoon Baby Quilt
The third custom quilt that I offer right now is my favorite of all time.  It's made from a single large block and a wide border.  It's a popular pattern from Camille Roskelly, who is one of my favorite fabric and pattern designers.  I don't currently have an example quilt available in my shop right now, because the original was made special for my niece, who's due this month.  This quilt would look equally as beautiful just hanging on the wall as it does being snuggled by a sweet baby. 
I have several quilts ready to ship in my shop as well, and more custom designs and ready-to-ship options coming soon.  I'm so excited that I've been able to take this big leap in my creative adventures!  I hope you like one (or more!) of the quilts I've shown here today.  Click over to my shop to see all of my quilts and other quilted products I offer there!


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