Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Book Review: Not by Sight by Kate Breslin

If you’ve read very many of my past blog posts, you know that sometimes I choose to read a book based solely on a pretty cover.  This has turned out badly for me in the past, but I’m happy to say that in the case of Not by Sight, I was not disappointed.  The beautiful cover was only the beginning of what turned out to be a wonderful and intriguing story.

The story takes place in England during the height of World War I.  Grace Mabry’s brother Colin is fighting in the trenches in France, and she’s determined to do her part to help him win the war.  She sets out on a plan to deliver white feathers of cowardice to some wealthy conscientious objectors at a party.  When she gives one to Jack Benningham, an English spy, she can’t imagine the consequences that will follow.  Because of her actions, her father sends her away to the country to work with the Women’s Forage Corps.  There, she meets Jack again, and discovers that he was injured in a fire since their last meeting, and is now scarred and blind.  Jack is shocked to find Grace on his country estate, and believes she may have been sent there by her father to spy on him.  They begin to spend time together, and eventually their verbal sparring gives way to deeper feelings.  But each has a secret they are keeping.  But the truth turns out to be different than what they thought, and their newfound love may not be able to survive the consequences.

Although the idea that Grace may be a spy seemed far-fetched to me at first, a nice plot twist made it not only possible, but likely.  I admired how Grace’s selfless actions to others ended up helping her in the end.  I loved how Jack chose to try to prove her innocence, even when he wasn’t convinced of it himself.  And the ending turned out to be happier (although a little different) than I expected it to be.  The characters in this book are believable, and better-yet, likable.  I also like learning a little about history while reading my fiction, and this book delivers on that front, too.  The trial of Mata Hari in France is a central theme, and really demonstrates the fear of German spies that was prevalent at the time. 

This book is wonderful and one that I definitely recommend.  You won’t be able to put it down!


Happy Reading!



I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own, and a favorable review was not required.  You can buy Not by Sight now!

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