Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Book Review: Shadow Waltz by Amy Patricia Meade

One of my favorite new series discoveries of this year has been Amy Patricia Meade’s Marjorie McClelland Mysteries.  The series itself is not new, but since I just found it recently I consider it to be new!  I devoured the first two books, and was so excited to start the third, Shadow Waltz.  First, let me tell you a few things that make this series so enjoyable for me.  I love that there is a strong, female lead, who is smart, funny, independent and confident.  But I also love that Marjorie is a woman, and that she isn’t shy about it.  She’s not above using her feminine wiles to get the information she needs to solve a case.  And solve the cases she does.  While her fiancé, Creighton, and her ex-fiancé, Robert, are intelligent and do find clues and do a lot of legwork, Marjorie ultimately solves the mystery.  I love the humor in these books!  I never fail to get a good laugh form the messes Marjorie gets herself into.  This time it just happens to be getting her foot stuck in a toilet and flooding a house.  As usual, Creighton is there to rescue her.  In this book Creighton and Marjorie are planning their wedding, with help (both wanted and unwanted) from Mrs. Patterson and the townspeople.  It was so hilarious as the ideas became more and more ridiculous and Creighton and Marjorie struggled to be kind, even when the ideas weren’t necessarily what they had in mind.  I also love the new dynamic between Marjorie and Creighton now that they are engaged.  While their disagreements have always been a highlight, their new lovey-dovey attitude is funny in its way, too.

Shadow Waltz is different from the first two books in the series.  All of the books contain murders, but this one was darker and more sinister than the others.  It all begins when a young wife, Elizabeth Barnwell,  comes to ask Marjorie to find her missing husband, Michael.  He disappeared several days before, leaving her alone with her young son.  Marjorie and Creighton agree to take the case.  While searching for the missing husband, they come across the dead, mutilated body of a young woman.  All the clues seem to indicate that the young woman was Michael Barnwell’s mistress.  As Creighton, Marjorie and Detective Jameson dig deeper into the case, some things just don’t add up.  When another young woman is murdered, and Marjorie is shot, the mystery only gets deeper.  Did Michael Barnwell kill his pregnant mistress?  Or was she murdered by another ex-lover because she accused him of killing his wife?  Was Marjorie the intended target, or did she just get hit by a stray bullet?  The answers totally blew me away!  There is a twist at the end of this book that I never saw coming.  This may be my favorite Marjorie McClelland yet!

Marjorie and Creighton just keep getting better and better, but I did find the methods used in this book to be the most unbelievable so far.  I don’t think that a situation where a policeman makes a bet with two civilians about who can solve a case first is very realistic.  And I find it highly doubtful that three trained policemen would stand by and allow a civilian to enter a house to question a suspect.  However, with these things aside, I think the author does a great job of allowing Marjorie to be the one who ultimately solves the case.  I am so excited to read the fourth book in this series, Black Moonlight.  All four books in this series are currently available from Amazon, and trust me, you want them all!


Happy Reading!


I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own and a favorable review was not required.

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