Friday, September 12, 2014

Book Review: How to Write Anything by Laura Brown

Does this title seem like a bit of an overstatement?  Well, it's not!  In the book How to Write Anything Laura Brown gives tips, ideas and rules for writing absolutely anything and everything you can imagine!  She covers how to write invitations, thank-you notes and complaint letters, but also gives instructions for e-writing as well.  She explains how to write a personal blog, a tweet or a Facebook post.  Are you or one of your kids a student?  No problem.  Ms. Brown tells how to write an outline, seven types of essays and scholarship applications, plus a lot more!  Many jobs also require writing skills and Ms. Brown hasn't left those out either.  Look no further for instructions about writing a resume, accepting or declining a job offer, writing a resignation or termination letter and also business blogs, Facebook updates and tweets.  There are plenty of examples about how to write, but also examples of what not to write. 
The first part of this book goes into great detail about the process and steps involved in writing.  However, Ms. Brown points out that everyone's process is different and the steps aren't necessarily in order or set in stone.  One of the most important parts to me was the explanation about when it's best to e-mail, text message or speak to someone personally.  I've been guilty before of using the wrong means of communication and having my meaning or point misunderstood.  If I follow the guidelines set out in How to Write Anything I should be able to avoid doing in again in the future. 
Every home needs a copy of this manual available.  If you ever have the need to write anything, and are interested in doing it properly, this book is the perfect resource.

Happy Reading, and Proper Writing,

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for this review. 

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