Monday, September 22, 2014

Book Review: Brave Mom by Sherry Surratt

Did you know that many moms struggle with crazy and sometimes irrational fears?  I didn't.  I honestly thought I was the only one.  But in Brave Mom, Sherry Surratt made me realize that I'm not alone.  I'm not crazy.  And having fear doesn't make me a bad Christian.  She points out so many ways that moms worry, and are afraid--afraid of the future, afraid for our children, afraid of danger, money problems, and so on.  Nearly every thing she mentioned is something that I have been afraid of at some point since becoming a mom.  What if my child gets sick?  What if I can't take care of him?  What if something happens to me?  So many, "what if's" cloud my life every day.  And I'm so happy to know that I'm not the only one!  Beyond that, I'm glad to know that there are answers.   Most people, especially those who have never felt "mom fear," will tell you to just trust God to take care it.  That is true, but Sherry goes further than that.  She gives reasons why we have fear, and ways that we can overcome it.  She lets us know that God understands our fear.  I had never even realized how many times God talks about fear in the Bible.  It's enough times to know that He understand and has answers for me. 
Yes, many times my fear is irrational, and I fear things that will probably never happen.  Sherry gives concrete solutions for laying aside our worries and fears.  She goes beyond telling us just to trust God, but gives us examples of just how we can do that.  She explains the difference between rational and irrational fears, but ultimately lets us know that it's all in God's hands.  Laying it at His feet, and truly leaving it there will give us peace. 
As I read this book, I found myself constantly surprised that others faced the same fears that I do.  Just in the two days that it took me to read it, I caught myself worrying multiple times about things I have no control over.  And I used some of the suggestions that Sherry gives to keep myself from sinking into fear.  I highlighted and marked multiple passages in the book to go back and read when I find myself facing fear.  Each chapter gives practical ways to face your fears and overcome them--ideas for finding other people to confide in, solutions for laying down the burdens that threaten to overcome us, real-life stories from moms who've been there and multiple Bible verses about how God wants to be there for us.  
My favorite quote came near the end of the book.  Sherry gave a list of several Bible verses that show us that God is there for us, that He cares and He understands the things we go through as moms.  These are the truths we need to remember to help us face fear.  She says, Truth busts fear and leaves it powerless.  Truth brings fear into the light, where it looks small and very manageable.  How true!
Every mom needs to read this book.  If nothing else, you will discover that you are not alone!  Many moms face the same issues and worry about the same things you do.  But you can overcome and be the Brave Mom that God intended you to be!  I'm so happy that I found this book.  I can't wait to start putting it into practice--to become the mom that my child needs me to be. Brave Mom is a powerful message for moms everywhere!


I was given an advance copy of this book in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own. 

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