Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book Review: Tide and Tempest by Elizabeth Ludwig

The Edge of Freedom series by Elizabeth Ludwig has been one of the best I've read.  It is about a group of Irish people who have immigrated to America.  They all either belong to the Fenians, are running from the Fenians, or are searching for members of the Fenians.  If that sounds confusing, it's because it is!
It's hard to review the third book alone, so I'll do a quick recap of the series.  The first book is the story of Rourke Turner and Cara Hamilton.  Cara has come to America to find her brother Eoghan, who ran away from Ireland after he was involved in the accidental murder of Daniel Turner, a member of Parliament.  Rourke is also looking for Eoghan, but for a very different reason.  He believes that his father's murder wasn't an accident, and he is looking for revenge.  Although they don't find Eoghan, Rourke and Cara fall in love, and Rourke gives up his quest for revenge.  The second book, Dark Road Home, is the story of Ana Kavanagh, a friend of Cara's.  She finds Eoghan Hamilton living and helping at a church shelter.  Although he is living under an assumed name, Ana knows who he is.  They fight together to prove Eoghan's innocence, and try to find who really killed Daniel Turner.  Along the way they must also fight to save Ana from a vengeful family member.
Tide and Tempest is the final book in the trilogy.  It is the story of Matilda "Tillie" McGrath and Captain Keondric Morgan.  Tillie traveled two years earlier on board Captain Morgan's ship with her fianc√©, Braedon.  On the voyage Braedon was struck with a mysterious illness and died, leaving Tillie a beautiful ruby ring that she must never wear.  Now, Captain Morgan and his brother, Cass, have found out that Braedon's sickness wasn't accidental, but that he was poisoned.  Morgan allowed Tillie to visit her husband's sick room and speak with him one last time.  If the wrong person finds out that Tillie knows the secret that Breadon should have taken to his grave, her life will be in danger. 
Morgan and Cass decide to stay in New York for a while, to move into the boarding house where Tillie lives, to try to protect her.  Both brothers fall in love with Tillie, but Morgan thinks her obvious choice should be his younger brother.  As Morgan investigates the secrets that Braedon was hiding, he is led to the Fenians, and once more to the murder of Daniel Turner.  Tillie talks him into turning to Rourke for help.  Tillie finds out that Braedon was also present the night of the murder, and he may have known the truth about what happened.  As Rourke, Eoghan and Morgan search for the mysterious Fenian leader, known as the Celt, Tillie is in danger as well, and Morgan must rush to save her in time.
It took me longer to really get into Tide and Tempest than it did any of the other books.  It seemed that the first third or so really dragged out, but once it got rolling, so to speak, it was an exciting read.  I was a little annoyed at the way the suspense drug out between Morgan and Tillie.  How many times can you almost tell someone how you feel, and get interrupted?  They came so close several times, and it drove me crazy that they didn't come together until the very end. 
This was a very good ending to the trilogy.  The story line carries well between books, and really allows the reader to see it from every angle.  The ending did seem a little rushed to me, but that could have also been because it was late and I was reading it really fast so I could go to bed!  Although the stories are definitely intertwined, I wish that characters from previous books would have made appearances in the others.  The only character who is really present in all three books is Rourke.  Cara made a brief appearance in book two, and Eoghan made a brief appearance in book three.  I would have liked to have an Epilogue that told what happened after the murderer was found and brought to justice, and all the couples were able to live in peace. 
Overall, though, this was a great series, and a great book.  I recommend that you read them, but you can't read just one!  Definitely start at the beginning and read the entire Edge of Freedom series.  I'll bet you won't be able to put them down!

Happy Reading!

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own.

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