Friday, December 14, 2012

Recommended Reading: Christmas

I thought I'd take an opportunity to tell you about some books that I like to read at Christmas time.  Very few things can get me in the Christmas spirit faster than a good Christmas book.  And it's a bonus if it has a little romance in it.  I've already reviewed three Christmas books this year.  Read my review of The Christmas Shoppe by Melody Carlson here or my review of A Patchwork Christmas here or my review of A Wreath of Snow by Liz Curtis Higgs here.  I recommend any of these books for Christmas reading, but I have a few other books I like to read during this season.  I usually read at least one of these every year.  None of them are very long, and most could be finished in an evening. 

The Christmas List by Pete Nelson
I love this book every time I read it.  James Engler is remebering Christmas in 1990.  He felt like his life was at a standstill.  When he arrives in his hometown, he finds that his best friend from high school has been killed in Iraq and the funeral will be held while he is there.  As all of the classmates gather after the service, they begin to discuss the lists that they made in grade school.  one afternoon right before Christmas, their teacher made them all sit down, and write one nice thing about every other person in the class.  They each begin to tell about how the "Christmas list" affected their life.  This is one of my favorite Christmas books because it is a reminder that a kind word goes a lot further than you think.

Snow by Calvin Miller
This little book is the first in a series, but it totally stands alone.  It's set in Pennsylvania in 1929.  The families there are preparing for Christmas, and the air is heavy with the promise of a huge snowstorm.  Mary Withers is a widow who lives alone with her sick daughter, Alexis.  She is nearly out of coal on this cold night, and her only hope is that Eric Mueller, the coal vendors' son, will make it to her house in time.  But there is more than one surprise waiting on this miraculous Christmas night.  I love this book because it is so different from any other Christmas book I've ever read.  Even though it's pretty short (about 160 pages) it's a great Christmas read.  And if you really like it, check out the rest of the series, Shade, Wind and Frost to bring the story full-circle.

Julotta by Tracie Peterson
Julotta is a pure romance story for Christmas.  Sigrid Larsson is a single woman, living in her parents' old home.  Her brother wants to sell it to the railroad, but Sigrid wants to continue living there.  Her brother argues that she has no way to support herself.  Ruben Carter is hoping to talk her into selling, and he'll do anything to convince her, even if it means breaking her heart.  Erik Lindquist, the young man who helps take care of the farm, has loved her for years, but can Sigrid believe him and trust him?  This book gives a glimpse into the Swedish celebration of Julotta, and contains recipes along the way, just to make it interesting.  It's also very short, but satisfying!

The Judge Who Stole Christmas by Randy Singer
If romance isn't your type of reading, or you want something a little different, The Judge Who Stole Christmas may be for you.  It's the story of a young lawyer, Jasmine, who agrees to take a case in her hometown to defend Thomas, a man who has been thrown in jail for putting a live nativity on the lawn of the local city hall.  The story is full of twists and turns as the mayor, Thomas and the townspeople fight back to try to save Christmas.  It's a story of the classic question,"Can men really outlaw Christmas?"  The answer may surprise you!

Do you have any books that you like to read at Christmas time? Leave a comment and let me know what they are.  You know I'm always on the lookout for a great book!

And if you're looking for more book recommendations, check out to find out what other readers are reading this season.

Happy Christmas Reading!

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