Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'm thankful for...

So often around this time of year, we get in the "Christmas Spirit" and it seems that Thanksgiving comes and goes almost without notice.  Of course we visit our family and friends and eat a big dinner.  And, yes, we are thankful for things in our life.  But I feel like I don't take time to really think about all the things I'm truly thankful for.  So I've decided today to make a list of things that I thank God for.  He has made it possible for me to have this life that I love, and I want to let others know how thankful I am for what He's done for me.

1.  God gave me a wonderful family that loves me.  I've always known that my dad would do anything for me.  He raised me and made me the person I am today, and I'm so grateful for that.  God gave me an incredible brother and sister.  I only wish I had realized earlier in life that they were my best friends.  When I look back on my life I'm so thankful for the many happy times we spent together.  Now I have a wonderful sister-in-law who I love, and who (somehow) loves my brother.  God blessed my sister with a husband who loves her and takes care of her, and that makes me so happy to see.  This year He also gave me a niece, who I love to pieces.  I have wonderful grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and I fell so blessed to have them in my life.

2.  God gave me the perfect husband.  When I say the perfect husband, I don't mean that he is the perfect man, but he is the perfect husband for me.  If you had asked me four years ago to describe my "dream guy" I wouldn't have described Billy Suttle to you, but since I found him (he found me?) I can't imagine life without him.  He makes me smile when I'm sad.  He encourages me when I'm discouraged.  He does everything he can to make my every dream come true.  He makes my life better in every way.  Our marriage was worth the wait.

3.  God gave us a beautiful house.  When we got married, we struggled for the first seven months just to make ends meet.  We hoped that we might be able to afford to buy a house in five years.  We'd only been married two years when we found this house.  I'd driven past it for years and loved it.  I'd pictured myself living here.  It was truly a miracle that we were able to get it and I'm so thankful for every minute I get to spend here.

4.  God gave me the greatest gift of all-salvation.  This is the thing I am most thankful for.  I don't deserve His love, and I don't deserve to get to go to Heaven someday.  I am so thankful that He loved me so much that He sent His Son to die for me.  If I never had any of these other things I would still feel so blessed just to have this one thing. 

I feel like the most blessed girl in the world.  When I feel discouraged over things that I don't have, He quickly reminds me of all that He's given me, and I know I have no reason to ever grumble or complain.  I encourage you today, if you haven't already, to think of some things that you are thankful for, and take just a few minutes to say thank you to God.  I think you'll find it will make your day a lot better.  I know it has mine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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