Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sweet Home Project #2

I love to read magazines and books about people who repurpose old things and make them look awesome in new ways.  I've always wanted to try something like that, but I've never actually been lucky enough to find just the right piece to "upcycle."  Last Saturday Billy and I were on our way to the hardware store to buy some paint for the hallway (and let me tell you that was quite an experience).  We passed a consignment shop on the way and something outside caught my eye.
I was so excited to see them that I wanted to turn around and go back right then and buy them, but that was not an impulse buy kind of day, so I waited until Monday.  Sure enough they were still there.  I hoped to pay less than $30 for the pair, so I was thrilled to see the little sticker that said $5!  So for $10 I bought these two gorgeous, ugly painted wooden chairs!
I brought them home and cleaned them with a water/ammonia mixture.  They had a moldy basement smell and a few little stains, but nothing too major. The top slat on the back of one had been cut down a little, so Billy just cut the other a little to make them match.  It worked out good because the one that hadn't been cut down had some nasty gashes cut into the top.  But after the cutting was done, it matched the other and the gashes were gone.
Then I spray painted them black, and put them in my newly painted hallway.  This hallway is kind of weird because it's really wide, so I thought I would use the extra space and make it look a little like a sitting room. Although I wouldn't recommend putting a very heavy or very wiggly person in one of those chairs, they do look pretty amazing against the "Fudgcicle" walls!  I like having something to cover that funny little door too, because I've been told it can't be removed or covered.  Something about the tub.  And this little nook is a perfect place for keeping my purse and our Bibles so that we can grab them on our way out the door.

So, what do you think?

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